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Spiros Dimitrakoulas is the founder and originator of Orthopaedic Reflexology (OR). He is the former President of the Hellenic Association of Reflexology (HAR) and the current newly elected Chair of RIEN, Reflexology in Europe Network. He teaches at Natural Health Science School in Athens Greece, and regularly travels to the UK to deliver his OR courses at Reflexology Academy where I have learnt.

Orthopedic Reflexology is based on the teachings of Hippocrates, the father of western medicine.This regards the art of rubbing – Anatripsis. Hippocrates wrote small concise passages on rubbing which he considered easy to learn and apply. Scattered in the Hippocratic corpus many references to rubbing (and of the feet) can be found.

OR is about utilizing the experience one has obtained in discriminating the reflex areas or the condition of the foot’s tissues and then applying the correct technique, the proper amount of pressure for the appropriate amount of time, to achieve the “medium” as taught by Hippocrates in order for nature to heal. Orthopedic Reflexology practitioners use the condition of the tissues of the feet as a guide. Anatomical charts to understand the reflexes, zones, meridians and fascia, as well as to effectively manipulate the feet.

How does Orthopedic Reflexology differ from mainstream reflexology?

Spiros explain this question like this: “This is added knowledge the practical application is more focused and refined. For example Dr. Fitzgerald’s zones and the Chinese meridians are still there, but next to them are also Hippocrates Meridians. These concepts are “alternative” expressions of the western concept of fascial continuities (myofascial meridians ,Obtaining an efficient knowledge of the foot muscles (and bones, ligaments, tendons) guarantees you will effectively work on the “reflexes” because this is where they are located. As reflexologists we already know where the reflexes are, now we know our muscles; all that is left is to apply Hippocrates directions on “anatripsis – rubbing”.

“OR can be added for around ten minutes to the beginning of a general treatment. This will allow the Reflexologist to approach the reflexes more efficiently and to relieve the feet themselves, resulting in immediate client satisfaction every time.”

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