Nerve Reflexology


Nerve Reflexology (NR) is a treatment concept using manual pressure on nerve reflex points on the foot bones in combination with other methods like foot reflexology, massages and so forth. The practice of  nerve reflex points is always the central method in the total treatment. The treatment concentrates on function disorders in the movement, organ and nervous system.

Walter Froneberg, a German chiropractor, got in touch with the school of Hanne Marquardt and learned her approach of classic foot reflexology. In his clinic, he altered the spinal reflex zones techniques by applying instead a static direct pressure on the bones of the feet – as opposed to “walking” in the soft tissue. He noticed that the paravertebral muscles were responding much quicker than with the classic zone technique. Given that these points were responding so quickly, he became convinced that they must have a direct relationship with the corresponding nerves. So he called these points “nerve reflex points”. He elaborated in a period of 20 years of experience nerve reflex points for the whole peripheral, autonomous and central nervous systems.

Walter Froneberg also adapted special techniques for the spine like: “specific muscle and nerve massage” and “modified joint mobilisations”. He combined these manual techniques with the nerve reflex points and called this new approach: “Manual Neurotherapy.”

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