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Chinese Scalp Acupuncture

Chinese scalp acupuncture is a contemporary acupuncture technique with just 40 years of history. It integrates traditional Chinese needling methods with Western medical knowledge of the cerebral cortex and has been proven to be a very effective technique for treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and other central nervous system disorders.

These researches will tell you more :

A 65-year-old male patient who had had MS for 20 years was treated with Chinese scalp acupuncture. once a week for 10 weeks, then once a month for six sessions. After the 16 treatments, the patient showed remarkable improvements. He was able to stand and walk without any problems. He was able to return to work full time. Read more …


A 6-year-old patient with cerebral palsy was treated with Chinese scalp acupuncture. His dysarthria, ataxia, and weakness of legs, arms, and hands showed significant improvement from each scalp acupuncture treatment, and after 15 sessions, the patient had recovered completely. Read More…


3rd July 2015
Posted by ysharman

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